Backup Solutions

With two software options and a wide range of configurations, we can provide a backup solution to cover you when disaster strikes.

File Level Backups

Backup just the most important files to the cloud using our own whitelable solution, Banx Backup, powered by Max Backup. Plans start at $20+gst per month for up to 25GB of data. A local copy of the backed up data can also be stored on a connected USB drive, seperate internal drive or network share.

Full System Backups (Image Level & Bare Metal)

Onsite, offsite or both using either Banx Backup or ShadowProtect:

Banx Backup (Onsite & Offsite):
Saves the whole system state + programs etc which can be restored down to the same or another PC and made bootable again in the event of a complete machine or drive failure. These plans start at $80+gst per month (Up to 125GB). A local copy of the backed up data is stored on a connected USB drive, seperate internal drive or network share giving you an onsite and an offsite option for recovery. An new external drive is included in full system backup plans but remains the property of Banx Systems and is returned to us in the event the backup service is no longer required.

Shadow Protect:
Image based solution utilizing continuous incremental backups stored onsite, offsite or both.
Perpetual or monthly licensing available, call for pricing.

All data is encrypted to international standards before being sent offsite to our own space in a local world class data centre loacted in Auckland so backups & file recoveries are fast, reliable and secure.


Hardware and Software

computer hardwareWe supply a range of new and ex lease computers, laptops and servers. Click here to find out more.

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Computer Repairs

repair1We have a team of great technicians that can help support your equipment onsite or at our service centre.

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Had enough downtime?

Eliminating computer downtime in your business is not always possible - some would even say impossible. But that doesn't stop us trying.

Worksupport is a preventative maintenance solution designed to bring computer downtime in your workplace as close to zero as humanly possible


  • Total control over every computer and device on your site, including guests
  • Provisioning, tracking and securing of employee devices
  • Top-notch support and remote access via a direct link to our professional technicians
  • Preventative maintenance notifies Banx of system failure including termperature, disk and virus monitoring
  • Drastically reduce downtime and let your employees focus on their work









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