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Banx Systems are experts in Search Engine Optimisation and can help gain you a higher page ranking in a Google search. Websites should be optimised so that your target market can find it and learn about you! If your website doesn't show up in a Google search, you are possibly missing out of a lot of potential customers!

Here's a small example to explain how search engine optimisation works. If you owned a home decorating company in Auckland called 'Decorating on a Dime', people who don't know about you should still be able to find your website by searching for something like budget home decorators in Auckland. But if your site is not optimised for budget home decorators in Auckland - they probably won't.

Optimisation increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. By improving your site's search engine accessibility you'll enable Google to send more web visitors your way, and by using relevant, researched keywords, you'll be assured that they're the right kind of visitors! The ones that have the potential to become customers.

Optimised websites:

  • Enable the search engines to access more pages within the site.
  • Drive visitors to pages that are more relevant to their search.
  • Attract visitors from the market you are targeting - not just any visitors.
  • Look professional and complete.
  • Are more user-friendly.

Studies have shown that over 50% of buying on-line is done from sites found by consumers who’ve searched for what they want by using keywords and phrases. For some reason, maybe simple human nature, they feel more comfortable with sites they’ve found via natural search than with pay-per-click ads or banner ads. It's also worth noting that if your website isn't found on the first page of results, only 1 in 10 people click onto the second page of results. There’s another advantage in getting consumers to your site via natural search - ROI or Return-on-investment. For a relatively small financial outlay, search engine optimisation offers a likely high rate of return. 

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